Nurseries Attending our Events

We are really proud of our nurseries. They are some of the best small growers in the country and full of knowledge they are happy to share. Some are RHS trained; some have a lifetime of experience; all are happy to help those starting out choose the best plants for their gardens.

We aim to ensure that each stall has its own unique range and personality.

We personally select Nurseries that are:

  • Real Growers - propagating and growing most of their stock themselves;
  • Experts - National Collection Holders, RHS Medal winners, speakers and lecturers; designers, and life-long enthusiasts with a wealth of experience;
  • Passionate and helpful - always happy to give straightfoward advice or simply talk plants.

We also now include a few carefully selected artisan stalls selling high quality, garden related products such as artisan-made plant supports, garden artworks and upcycled garden ornaments.

Prospective Nurseries

We welcome enquiries from high class nurseries and artisans interested in attending our fairs. Please contact us with a description of what you grow / make, a website address if you have one and we will pleased to consider whether you would fit with our ethos and if you have something different to offer our discerning visitors.

We do always check you out before considering whether we can invite you so please don't be put off if we ask some searching questions!

See our "Contact Us" page .

RHS award winners Experts like Mairi from Tissington Nursery and National Plant Collection holders like Robert from North Staffs Hostas (below) will help you choose plants that are best suited to your particular garden conditions or seek out the perfect variety from the hundreds available


Nurserymen like Tony from (below) have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share

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